God's Timing

God’s timing is not our timing. He often moves us slowly, deliberately, and purposefully to get us where He wants us to be. These delays are meant to test us, prepare us, and mature us so that we are equipped for the bigger things He may have in store. The Bible is full of examples of this...


  • There was quite a gap in time between David’s anointing as future King of Israel (1 Samuel 16) and his actual ascension to the throne (2 Samuel 5).
  • Elijah was a prophet and a man of action, yet the Lord called him to live in a place of isolation for a few years before doing what it was he longed to do (1 Kings 17:1-6).
  • At 12 years of age, Jesus was able to amaze the spiritual leaders of His day (Luke 2:47), yet it was another 18 years before He engaged the world in public ministry.
  • After encountering the resurrected Lord and seeing Him ascend into Heaven, the disciples were commanded to “wait” for the gift of the Spirit before going into action (Acts 1:4). 
  • The Apostle Paul had a dramatic conversation and a crystal clear calling on his life, yet immediately after hearing God’s call, he spent three years in the desert of Arabia (Galatians 1:17).

In times of testing, maturing, and preparation for bigger things, we are called to be faithful in the little, daily things we are given to do--things that take time and often appear to serve no purpose. But it’s in this waiting and faithfulness that God is preparing to bless and use us. If we get ahead of ourselves and focus too much on the big things, we might miss something He has for us to learn now. We might not be fully engaged in the growth God wishes to accomplish in us. 

Too often, we want to skip ahead. We want the big things now. God’s timetable is different. We need to learn that. We need to believe that. We need to live that.