The Little Things – Part 1

When Jesus was looking for an analogy to describe the Kingdom of God, He chose a mustard seed (Mark 4:30-32). The smallest of all seeds in Palestine, it grows into the largest of all garden plants, but initially, it looks insignificant. Inadequate. Puny. 

In a world infatuated with bigger and larger, where numbers mean everything and leaders dream of having mega impact, Jesus said it all starts with something small. In a world where we expect immediate results and measurable progress, Jesus said it all starts with something simple. And His analogy leads us to some important questions to ponder--

What if we focused on being faithful with what we have and left the size and growth up to God? 

What if we dreamed big but were content and diligent to nurture the small things as we trusted and waited on the Lord for the results? 

I think God would be pleased, and perhaps we would see even bigger things than we dream are possible.