Epic Grace: A Fun Book with Great Applications

Kurt Bubna’s new book, Epic Grace: Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot, is an enjoyable read, grounded in storytelling and solid biblical applications. The chapters are short, focused, and conversational in tone as Kurt invites the reader along on his spiritual journey, sharing many of his personal experiences. I found myself sometimes smiling and other times cringing as I read his transparent disclosures of blunders, pain, and lessons learned.

At the end of each chapter, Kurt brings his stories full circle, connecting them to solid biblical truth. These sections are not trite or preachy. Instead, they are real life applications of God’s grace in action—tangible examples of what it means to walk with God and live out the grace of the Lord as a fallible, broken person. 

If you prefer teaching books that simply share concepts and facts, you likely won’t like this one. But if you enjoy narrative and stories that drive home deeply spiritual truths, this is the book for you. You’ll be entertained, edified, and challenged to walk with God in His Epic Grace.